Who is Care Transitions?

Guiding you through your health care options.

Addressing the needs of individuals, families and providers as they navigate the health care system.

Learn more about our founder, Maureen McCarthy.

Are your rehospitalization rates higher than you would like? Are you finding it difficult to track patients once they have left your care? Do you want to be updated on the health status of your patient before they enter the emergency room?

Care Transitions, based in Torrington, Connecticut, is a person centered care coordination management company, assisting individuals in maintaining independence, through routine monitoring, keeping care givers, physicians  and members of the health team informed of changes. 

Care Transitions was founded by Maureen McCarthy, BS, RN in 2012; to connect anyone with the correct health care agency at any stage- from hospital to home. Care Transitions places emphasis on educating patient's and their families, and providing all the resources needed to make a transition from one health care stage to the next. 

Care Transitions LLP works to coordinate and manage care delivery, and provide regular 'health checks' to ensure optimum outcomes. 

Our team uses NaviGO TM , a state of the art program developed by Care Transitions, that allows us to effectively synchronize, track, manage and provide wellness education for you after being discharged from a hospital or while at home; under the guidance of our skilled team of Care Liaisons.

By maintaining frequent contact, we develop an individualized care plan to monitor each patient's health status and prevent unnecessary trips to hospitals, by arranging for appointments with the most appropriate health care provider. Provider engagement is initiated and options are explored to avoid a negative outcome, or possible decline in health status. 

As our skilled team of Care Liaisons assess each individuals health status regularly via telephone, these records are maintained by NaviGO TM . Health care providers are alerted and have 'real time' access to review any changes through NaviGO TM  as well.

Our Care Liaisons and Options Counselors work with your existing health providers (physicians, home health, etc.) to provide fully integrated services. The Care Liaisons team consists of Nurses, Therapists and Social Workers.