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What services are offered?

We strive to provide a care management system that supplements the needs of our customers. Through health checks, performed over the phone, your assigned Care Liaison will arrange for supplies and resources (including any applications for resources) to provide the best care for the individual.

Care Transitions also reaches out to any pre-existing health providers, including physicians, specialists and home health care; along with private

programs like housekeeping, transportation and housing, to supplement or assist in creating a well rounded care continuum.

With our customers permission, their physician's, urgent care, etc. will have access to records taken during health checks, providing the "full picture" with details prior to visit.

Once the initial assessment is completed, each individual and their Care Liaison will determine when is the best time for a regularly scheduled health check. Health Checks will include the collection of condition related information such as:

  • Blood Pressure

  • Blood Sugar Levels

  • Weight and maintenance of dietary and/or fluid restrictions

  • Medication Compliance

  • Gathering of any lab results or other diagnostic testing

  • Other information specific to your medical condition

Care Liaisons will arrange for any needed equipment to be delivered to your home to complete tests.

These services can be set up to monitor any individual for 30, 60, or 90 days, or on a continuous basis for best prevention. 

We're here to help...

By maintaining frequent contact, we develop an individualized care plan to monitor each patient's health status and prevent unnecessary trips to hospitals, by arranging for appointments with the most appropriate health care provider. Provider engagement is initiated and options are explored to avoid a negative outcome, or possible decline in health status. Health Education is provided in an individualized care plan and health goals are determined between the patient or their representative, and their health team . 

Care Transitions is able to assist individuals no matter the level of assistance necessary, or the stage you are at within the health care system. A variety of services can be coordinated for you by our Care Liaisons, to best met your needs. In order to assess your needs, regular phone "check-ins" will be performed.

We provide individualized health management to meet individual's specific needs, including assistance in coordination of the following:

  • Housing and Shelter

  • Transportation to and from appointments

  • Medical Reconciliation

  • Medication Delivery to the home

  • Wellness Education Planning

  • Respite Care Programs

  • Home Care and Companion Services

  • Meal and Food delivery

  • Benefit Coordination or enrollment of benefits of Medicare, Medicaid and other insurances

  • Assistance with Insurance Application and appeals for denied services

Care Transitions is especially helpful when an individual is presenting dementia related symptoms including forgetfulness and confusion.

Should additional care of a more intense level be required , Care Transitions can assist individuals and their families with transitioning care and admission into:

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Dementia Care

  • Respite Services

  • Home Health

  • Hospice